My OM-ALIVE method

OM are my initials: Olivier Mortara. OM is this syllable which represents the original sound known to unify and vibrate the body so that the consciousness manifests itself.

OM is also One Mind.

ALIVE: means EN VIE in French but each of the letters that make up this word means something to me.

A for Attention - Adaptation - Amour (Love) - Altruism

L for Life - Liberate

I for Intention - Integral - Intense - Interior

V for Vision - Vibrating - Vivre (Living)

E for Energy - Equilibrium (Balance) - Envy

We are all surrounded and animated by a form of energy that expresses itself in the form of a current. The current is a movement, the movement of something, a liquid, a fluid, an idea, feelings, an energy, etc. The current is a movement.

In nature, we talk about air currents, marine currents, rivers..... These energy transfer processes are observable and measurable, which is not the case for all currents. Take the example of an idea or a thought. Our brain produces it relentlessly and abundantly without us being able to estimate the amount generated. It is indeed an energy but for which no unit of measure is recognized.

The word energy derives from the ancient Greek (ἐνέργεια, energeia) which evokes the activity / operation and its appearance is related to the works of Aristotle 400 years before JC. Known forms of energy are divided or classified. Without realizing it, we are constantly in contact with forms of energy carried by variable currents that affect our behavior and decisions.

It is the study of these relationships between energies that is at the root of the OM-ALIVE method. The idea is to look at the relationships between what happens inside our body (the inner world) and outside our body (the outer world) to make them evolve. If the energy potentials between these two worlds are in equilibrium, we can reach unity and thus fully develop our potential.

But what is potential? According to the Cambridge dictionary definition, potential represents the ability of someone or something to develop, achieve a goal or succeed. When there is a lack of balance, these resources are not used or wasted. They stay asleep. On the contrary, if we balance our energies, we are in the capacity to live our life in full harmony and this is what I wish to bring you.

Attention, adaptation, Amour, love, altruism, life, liberation, vibration, Equilibrium, balance, Envy and many other notions are at the heart of my method. OM-ALIVE is a path of heart that helps us to improve our own lives, relationships and health by giving us a better understanding of ourselves and others. It is to give another vision, another interpretation of the events of your life. It is a model based on movements to teach emotional intelligence through the memory of the Self.

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