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Hello my name is Olivier Mortara,

My career began more than 25 years ago around sport.

When I was young, I wanted to be a professional handball player, but after months of intensive training, my body was no longer following me and was already showing signs of imbalance that forced me to stop. In spite of myself abandoning my dream, I became an EPS teacher and took part in sports and performance research. After 5 years, however, I realized that copying and pasting the techniques I had learned to train athletes was not enough. At the time, I was not entirely convinced by traditional methods. I was missing something, but I didn't know what... I left everything and trained in Pilates, Yoga and micronutrition, using this new knowledge to train high level athletes.

Then one day, everything changed for me.

My daughter, Louise, was born. It was the most beautiful moment of my life and at the same time the most difficult because I learned that she had CP, or Cerebral Palsy. Some cells in her brain could never function normally, which would prevent her from moving properly. The doctors were formal, it wouldn't work. I was both overwhelmed and animated by a new energy: it was no longer a question of devoting myself to the performances of top athletes.

My ultimate goal now would be to get my daughter to walk at any cost.

Year after year, I set up a program worthy of a top athlete and embarked on a lot of research to help Louise go where modern medicine would never have led her. A path littered with obstacles, where it was necessary to discern the healer of the charlatan, who opened the way for me to Ayurvedic medicine, quantum physics, neurosciences, philosophy.... Tests, failures and new attempts: as a family we met many disappointments before seeing the impossible come true: after years Louise could stretch her legs, had gained in amplitude of movement and it is only just beginning…

Thanks to this quest, a unique method was born that I named OM-ALIVE.

As my discoveries, my encounters, my life experiences as a father and sportsman... I had developed a knowledge of body and mind and set up a method based on visualization, breathing and movement. Thanks to a few key steps, it enabled us to free ourselves from the problems that were encumbering us by identifying their origin and to develop a new energy.

I was struck by his results and decided that I had to share them with as many people as possible.

If it could help Louise, my wife, those around me, the athletes I was accompanying and the patients in the physiotherapy centre where I was working... it could be beneficial to all those who suffered from ill being and its physical and mental manifestations. That's how I set up coaching sessions and soon a seminar to free self from the clutter and achieve the balance and harmony necessary to realize its full potential.

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