Coaching & OM-ALIVE workshops

Everyday you feel tired, demotivated or even depressed? Do you suffer from stress, pain or chronic illness? Is your sleep disturbed?

Do you often feel like you're exhausted? These problems ruin your life and prevent you from achieving your goals? Perhaps you feel that these physical and mental sufferings are linked without knowing how to get rid of them?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, I can help you.

A qualified expert in sports and performance, I trained in Pilates, Yoga, neuroscience, quantum physics, psychology and even philosophy to create a unique method called OM-ALIVE. Its purpose? Re-balancing body and mind based on the 6 pillars of well-being (sleep, meditation and stress management, movement, emotions, nutrition, grounding and biological rhythms).

In concrete terms, OM-ALIVE makes it possible to free oneself from physical and psychological blockages through the practice of visualization, breathing and movement exercises. It is on this method that I rely on to coach you and show you that another life is possible. A balanced professional and personal life where body and mind live together in harmony.

Coaching process

Depending on your geographical location, coaching can take place via Skype (Zoom) or at your home. To get to the end of a real change process, I recommend 10 sessions of 1 hour or 5 sessions of 2 hours depending on the availability of each one.

Each coaching session is tailor-made, but we will follow 10 main steps during the sessions :

1) Identification of physical or mental pain

2) Focus on this pain

3) Exploring your past to find the origin of your blockages

4) Viewing the source event(s)

5) Practice of breathing and movement exercises coupled with visualization exercises

6) Changes in your energy frequency through these exercises

7) Rewriting of the event(s) causing the trauma

8) Acceptance and forgiveness

9) Resetting your body and mind

10) Rehabilitation to learn a new adapted response

Workshop process

During my workshops, I will teach you the basics of my OM-ALIVE method, which is based on the 6 pillars of well-being (sleep, meditation and stress management, movement, emotions, nutrition, grounding and biological rhythms). Together, we will practice visualization, breathing and movement exercises that will help you find the origin of your physical and mental blockages and free you from them.

Results: You will learn to become aware of your breathing, you will feel in harmony and invaded with a new energy!

Today, my workshops take place in the region of Seignosse, Hossegor, as well as in Spain... But this is just the beginning! In 2018, I will develop my activities, especially in Paris.

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