Free yourself from your emotional and physical pain in 5 weeks

Do you often feel stressed, demotivated or even depressed? Do you suffer from pain, chronic illnesses or sleep disorders that you can't get rid of?

Do you often experience your days and feel like you don't have the strength to do what you want? Your batteries seem empty and you don't know how to recharge them?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, stay a few minutes with me. My method, called OM-ALIVE, can help you regain energy, well-being and harmony.

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Graduated in sport & performance at the University of Montreal, Reunion Island and Bordeaux, I trained in physical preparation, Pilates, Yoga and I was interested in neuroscience, quantum physics, psychology... to set up a unique method to balance body and mind.

It is based on the 6 pillars of well-being (sleep, meditation and stress management, movement, emotions, nutrition, grounding and biological rhythms) and allows you to find the origin of your physical or psychological blockages and free yourself from them. How? Through visualization, breathing and movement exercises.

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With my OM-ALIVE method you'll find out how:

  • Rebalance your body and mind to develop your potential
  • Better breathing for a better everyday life
  • Erasing body tensions, which are the reflection of emotional tensions
  • Discover the origin of your physical or mental pain to free you from it
  • Free yourself from past events through visualization, breathing and movement
  • Develop a new vital energy that will carry you upwards every day

They talk about OM-ALIVE

I had back pain and felt stressed every day. In just 10 sessions with Olivier, my pain completely disappeared. I lost my bad postural habits and my mind became considerably lightened, a feeling of "zenitude" set in.

- Lydie

I met Olivier three years ago after several health problems. He is of great help to me through his listening and trust. With him I have resumed the sport activity and I am trying to reach goals of change, he helps me to balance my areas of life (personal development, work, social, family) it is a magnificent experience that lasts and reassures me every day. Olivier shows great professionalism, his kindness and words are important to me every week.

- Valérie

After three operations of herniated disc in 4 years, more than a hundred sessions of kinesiology, I was in a dead end. I always had back pain that bothered me in every gesture of everyday life. When I met Olivier, after a surprising and even confusing beginning, I began to understand what he was trying to explain to me about movement and breathing. Today, I still have to think about what he taught me, it is not yet innate, but the results are there. I run, I do bodysurfing in the ocean, hiking in the mountains for several hours. I can't wait for the next session!

- Vincent

How to enjoy the benefits of the OM-ALIVE method?

Based in Hossegor, I make my OM-ALIVE method accessible to everyone
by developing various offers, particularly online: