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Levels of stress, anxiety and depression have never been higher across the globe. There are many reasons for this dysfunction that are often not mentioned.

It’s time to act!

You are here to experience something different.

Explore what keeps you from using the full power of your mind !

Open yourself to a more connected, creative and experiential life.

Become more ALIVE both in your Nature and in your Relationships.

I provide you with an approach to go beyond the intellectual, analytical exercises to reach a deeper level of integral change.

You want to welcome a richer, more exuberant life experience. To enjoy a more integrated expression of your creativity. For this, it is so important to adapt to the intelligence of your heart and the intelligence of your body. To reconnect fully to break free from the separation and expand. To experience the changes you want. To honor the full truth of what’s going on inside you. To hear the deep, rich, wild wisdom singing and whispering in your cells. Your heart and body have an unsuspected intelligence to share with you. There are more subtle and different ways to communicate with you. In order to remain attentive to these messages, to hear them and to read them, it is necessary to learn this language to be constantly listening.[/text_block]


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Chances are you’ll have fun with this approach and be surprised at developments that are taking place that you hadn’t even thought of. However, if you are determined that your life is an endless struggle (and you have no desire to question your beliefs), I invite you to find another training. My approach is not really recommended. On the other hand, if you want to change your belief systems, I highly recommend it![/text_block]



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The OM-ALIVE Formulas



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Session 1&1 – Group 

The contact of water makes us happy

OM-ALIVE OCEAN is based on the way we look at water to treat and reduce the daily effects of stress, burn-out, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic, fears, autism,… In short, all these modern aspects that disturb and disrupt your true nature and functioning.

This approach is aimed at all people, whatever your level of physical fitness and from all walks of life who suffer extreme and/or regular stress or trauma. This course is an asset for doctors, therapists, yoga teachers, sports coaches who wish to integrate an additional component to their healing practice.

In direct relation with the ocean, you will practice in this natural environment a combination of conscious exercises played to find the source of your creativity.

Breathing, movement and relationships are at the heart of this teaching through which you will find the answers to overcome the exponential difficulties in your life.[/text_block]



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OM-ALIVE Force, Grace, Healing Workshop 



Session 1&1 – Teaching 

Take a deeper look at your hidden patterns, bring them to the surface and make new choices!

Based on the Basic Principles (nutrition, breathing, relationships, movement) essential to the proper functioning of your life, The OM-ALIVE Force, Grace, Healing Method offers a teaching to reconnect you with yourself, your personal, professional and the others’ environments.

With more than 25 hours of individualized instruction, Olivier will guide you to reprogram your failing patterns by immersing you in the original event that sabotages your life and places you on a deviant path.

This teaching guarantees a new vision of your life and is immediately applicable. It solves your blockages and limitations in a subtle version of the knowledge of your potentials. You will dive into a rich universe that will modify your belief systems to give free expression to abundant creativity.

By changing your behavior, you will automatically live a more effective and enjoyable life.

Module 1 :

Breathing & the Power of the Spirit : The energy of the breath as a nutrient of the body; Boosting the immune system; Breathing and relaxation; The conscious, unconscious & subconscious mind; Defense mechanisms; Things are not what they seem; Changing conscious intentions & actions to make them work. Feeling one’s emotions.

Module 2 :

Relationships as a path to healing The power of interconnections; Our magic mirror; Relationships, family dynamics and life/development processes; Trusting the process; Relationships and balance; We never heal alone; Relationships, family dynamics and healing; The relationships of our deep mind; Transfer and projection; Refocusing.

Module 3 : 

The Movement, Vision, Purpose & Fulfillment Movement gives Life; Breathing creates Movement; If Movement stops your life freezes; Subtle Movements; Chakras in balance; Releasing energy blockages; What does Vision mean? Vision & Happiness; Vision & Being; Joining your Emotional Body; Emotional Intelligence; Vision & Unconsciousness; Integrating a Shadow Character; Vision & Attack; Integrating Deep Fractures; Joining your Emotion.

Module 4: 

Attitude, Leadership & Power to Choose Attitude, Investment & Emotions; Every experience is a gift; Our attitude creates our reality; Dynamics of change; We have the keys to the universe; Attitude & responsiveness; Our attitude to the life cycle; Offering our gifts; Accountability & meaning; Accountability & power; Accountability & childhood; Accountability & victimization; Accountability & guilt; Accountability & subconscious dynamics : Accountability & quality of life; Ego & Higher Mind; Separation & Ego; Asking for help.[/text_block]



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OM-ALIVE  Workshop Transformative Breathing 


+ More than 20 breathing exercises to perceive the world differently.

Guided Sessions

Learn how to breathe!

It sounds surprising, but it’s certainly not something you had considered. Yet your breathing is a real barometer. It allows you to know how you feel. So are you sure of yourself? It’s certainly hard to hear because your answer seems clear: “I can breathe! »

Now are you convinced that you are breathing adequately in every situation you face? Or more simply, can you say that no situation has ever changed the way you breathe? Even if only to plunge back into a traumatic memory. When a stimulus reminds you of a difficult moment, your breathing gets blocked or accelerated, which reflects an uncontrolled change in your emotions. Just as a pleasant moment expresses a burst of happiness when you (re)experience it. So yes, breathing is learned to live life to the fullest and simply let your creativity draw a harmonious path through your life.

Breathing, a nutrient for body and mind

Change your breathing pattern; Conscious and efficient breathing; Boost your immune system; Breathing to relax; Identify quiet areas in your body; Decrease body pain; Create space; Daily energy gain; Better sleep; Dynamic breathing ; The different phases of breathing; Pranayama; Breatheology; Buteyko; Asthma; Post-traumatic stress; Reducing the effects of stress; Breathing exercises from Tibetan Yoga. Ancient breathing for a vigorous life today.[/text_block]